Ethics No Longer Has To Be Left Off.

We are the lucky ones, the generation where with a click or a touch vast resources become available and the vast array of additional resources become known to us.

One of the things that this ‘brings home’ is a matching of interests with sources of inspiration and motivation and skill development. These are real resources that are available at no or low costs to everyone everywhere.

Instead of an obsolete and the lowest-common-denominator approach in a restricted, prison-like environment now it is fashionable and entrepreneurial to create a productive and friendly learning environment that caters to the unquenchable search after knowledge inherent in the human child and youth and adult when given the proper setting.

And within this nest of nurturance the formation of ethics can freely be encouraged. No longer is it necessary to be subjected to ethical issues being twisted to serve the State or special interest groups with political agendas.

The wondrous fruit of this is an ever-advancing civilization influenced by brightly enkindled individuals keenly possessing the skill of the independent investigation of truth and well grounded in the ethics of liberty and justice for all.

The goal of this Alternative Education: Education Alternatives blog is to hear about your efforts and share them with others. Feel welcome to submit essays that are expressive of your experiences.






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