The Profit Seeker Is A Risk Taker.

Profit seeking is just that – seeking. There is no guarantee. The profit seeker is a risk taker that uses market prices to determine what to produce or what can be produced more efficiently. The risks taken to initiate new production or improved production will yield various outcomes such as: lower price, better quality, and/or product differentiation.

The enticing wonder of the discovery of a profit opportunity, which keeps the entrepreneur coming back and entering into the market process, is the discovery of something obtainable for nothing at all. It is the same as the quest of the explorer and the artist and the scientist and the philosopher – to discover something never known before. The profit seeking motive is this same motivation, this same human phenomenon. Therefore as you can see, the profit seeking motive is part of the human operating system, something to be appreciated – not to be condemned as an evil.






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