Economic Intervention Morphs Government Into The State.

Governments voluntarily chosen, in diverse sizes of societies, are perfectly natural. What has been the source of the corruption of government is economic intervention by limited human minds upon an infinitely dynamic market process. The morphing of government into the State is certainly associated with economic intervention.

The tradition of classical liberalism, with the laissez-faire of the Continental economists and the unhampered market economy of the Austrian economists, provides an ample moral and scientific foundation for justifying the establishment of order without the corruption of societies that is associated with the State.

Obviously what stands in the way in these – the Dark Ages of economics – is the general nescience of true economic science and so the task ahead is to educate people as part of the process of advancing civilization. There is no better or more comprehensive tool to accomplish this than the promulgation of the divine economy theory. Consequently this is the generation that needs to acquaint themselves with the divine economy theory so that the ills associated with statism will be effaced sooner rather than later, and peacefully.






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