Interventionism Disrupts And Corrupts.

We are living in the Dark Ages of economics as evidenced by the ignorance of the disease of interventionism. Not only is the cause of the afflictions hidden in a veil of ignorance but it is being spread like an epidemic by the charlatans who falsely claim to know how to stop the expanding afflictions of the worsening disease.

The true remedy is to allow the flow of knowledge and this is optimized by an unhampered market economy.

All economic intervention disrupts the flow of knowledge and so it is the cause of economic diseases. Some economic intervention not only disrupts but it even corrupts the flow of knowledge which exacerbates the plight of humankind and morphs the disease into a plague. For example, manipulating the interest rate by the demented charlatans at the central banks causes malinvestment, overconsumption, and the redistribution of wealth through theft into the hands of the interventionists.

Since the true remedy comes from understanding that it is necessary to have in place an unhampered market economy one of the very best prescriptions in this day and time is for the people of the world to become familiar with the divine economy theory.




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