What Happens If Coercion Is Removed From Society?

It is replaced by social cooperation which is the natural order.

In the natural order voluntary societies will form with the size varying but generally these societies will be fairly small and the societies will be very diverse. Specific aspects of social cooperation within each society will be a part of its defining characteristics but since everyone benefits from social cooperation the interactions between the diverse societies will be peaceful and everyone will prosper as a result.

Social cooperation is the greatest criterion for justice. If coercion does appear in a society then people will leave that society and that society will either change its ways or fade away. Individuals who fail to voluntarily cooperate with the ethics of a society will begin to feel repercussions from within that society. Perhaps another society has more compatible arrangements and that individual will be better off emigrating there. Asocial individuals will end up without a community. That is unfortunate but the ethics of social cooperation is ultimately the best way to provide justice.

There is no coercion. The ethics of each society develops and evolves, and is inspired by and moved by the evolving and developing ethics of civilization as a whole.


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2 thoughts on “What Happens If Coercion Is Removed From Society?

  1. Very uplifting thought. Also, I feel nonconforming individuals should leave when coercion arises – and not the community itself. This makes more sense since otherwise, people would introduce coercion just to lay claim to the best real estate (water-sources, forests, mines and fertile patches). I wonder if the notion takes into account finite resources, competition, greed and lust for power that is so inherent in human beings and their collectives.

    • Private property is the foundation of civilization yet it is dynamic because of the entrepreneurial spirit that is exercised by subjective human beings. This is sufficient to keep everything in balance as long as trustworthiness is the ethic practiced.

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