Attacking Capital Stems From What?

Preface: Crony capitalism is a manifestation of fascism and so of course it is deplorable. But that is not what a free society that appreciates capital looks like.

Those who attack capital out of ignorance of what it is as an economic concept, or those who attack capital for ideological reasons, are ultimately attacking property rights.

Those attacking capital for ideological reasons are fully aware that they are attacking property rights. While those attacking capital out of economic ignorance of the role of capital in the economy do not realize how destructive their ignorance is. Property rights are human rights and so their perverse objection to capital is destructive of civilization. The ideological opponents of capital are well aware of the destructiveness of their beliefs – they are anti-social and they are deniers of the nobility of the human spirit.

To remain ignorant of economics plays into the hands of the malevolent. If you are hesitant to read economics because it seems like a dry discipline then I suggest that you read the books in the divine economy theory series. Instead of something dry you will find something very thrilling!


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One thought on “Attacking Capital Stems From What?

  1. Perhaps the well-read world has failed to make any difference to the not-so-well-read-world? Though I dare say, I like the spirited take you have. How I wish we could all agree easily, but you know when you simply look around, depending on the kind of eyes you, have you decipher your own understanding of the word ‘growth’

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