The Intended Condition Of The Human Spirit And The Economy.

There is a difference between free market economics and the divine economy theory although both fit within classical liberalism. In free market economics there is recognition of the tendency towards equilibrium. In the divine economy theory that tendency has to do with the refined definition of the ontology of the natural law as it pertains to human beings. Human beings are not only physically and intellectually human but another aspect of their uniqueness is that they are spiritual.

This aspect of their created nature opens new vistas about the significance of the tendency towards equilibrium. Humans are not perfect but the acquisition of perfections is continually ongoing. This condition of imperfection and the state of disequilibrium are parallel, and so too, the perpetual advancement of civilization associated with the tendency towards equilibrium parallels the ever-unfolding possibilities of human perfections.

There is a mirroring quality between the human spirit and the unhampered market economy. It is the natural and intended condition of both the human spirit (via liberty and justice) and the economy (via the market process) to be unhampered (uncorrupted by ego-driven interventionism). Glory be to laissez-faire and to its moral justification – the economy is divine.

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