Interventionism Interferes With The Grace Of God.

If you are familiar with the history of classical liberalism you will know that there was a time within that tradition when the belief in God did not contradict the scientific investigation or the scientific discoveries. As a consequence of the strong scientific discoveries made in the natural sciences using empirical methods there were internal and external pressures put on the human science disciplines to try to replicate this precision and accuracy, and this ‘physics envy’ did two things:

  1. It pushed the adoption of empirical methods despite the fact that humans choose and act subjectively,
  2. It galvanized atheism in ‘science.’

To the first point: the literature is vast showing that subjectivism is the appropriate methodology for the human sciences and that the subjective methodology is really the only truly scientific approach for the human sciences, and that the use of empiricism is racked full of fallacy upon fallacy – making both its foundation and its normative findings either trivial or arbitrary or even bizarre when it is applied to the human sciences..

To the second point: the idea of ‘wertfrei’ science is noble but science is always supposed to push the boundaries. If there is difficulty capturing the essence of the object of study that is supposed to indicate a challenge to the reach of science rather than an insurmountable boundary. For many reasons, historically and philosophically, the spirit of the classical liberalism tradition was mostly abandoned even among the subjectivists as part of the quest for wertfrei science. In effect, for most, the harmony of science and religion was considered an insurmountable obstacle and so a choice was made which can be said to have galvanized atheism in science.

The divine economy theory advances the science of economics in the wertfrei tradition and in the classical liberalism tradition and yet it embraces the harmony of science and religion!

That said, I am not going to go into detail about the proofs in the divine economy theory in this blog entry. There is plenty of information about that subject.

The purpose of this blog entry is to explain how interventionism interferes with the Grace of God. The reason laissez-faire is optimal is because the limited human mind can never fully comprehend the infinite nature of the market processes or the subjective nature of the choices made by the billions of humans on this planet over the time horizon. The economy is a unique and divine institution that facilitates the voluntary social cooperation that is beneficial to everyone and only when the flow of knowledge is unimpeded by any and all interference by the ego-driven interventionists can its full potential for the transformation of human civilization be realized.

The economy is a gift that reflects the actions and choices of all of humankind. It is there for the service of humankind. When it is free to operate as an unhampered free market, implied in the term ‘laissez-faire’, then the grace of God touches everyone and civilization becomes truly civilizing!


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