Gold Passes The Market Test

Inflation reduces the purchasing power of money: and it causes the redistribution of wealth towards the ones favored by the interventionists. Both of these represent theft of private property and both are acts of injustice.

The free market chose gold as the medium of exchange simply because of the following: it optimizes the characteristics determined in the market to be necessary for a trustworthy medium of exchange. The ability to strongly prevent dishonest and untrustworthy acts by the interventionists is certainly one of those characteristics and is a good reason to return to the gold standard.

Free banking, where banks compete against each other for the trust of their customers, is almost completely sufficient to safeguard against fraudulent banking practices. Combined with refined and enforced property rights it is wholly sufficient. Having a strong and honest banking system has the advantage of encouraging savings.

Free banking is a very important component of a divine economy since it has the merits of self-regulation, and since it serves the people by providing a storehouse for capital. This is in contrast to the current banking practices which mask the insolvencies of banks and promulgate a system of capital consumption and wealth redistribution.

Divine Economy Theory Policy #7: Gold Passes the Market Test
Policy Statement: Clear the banking system of all of its barriers and restrictions — these are acts of intervention designed to control the economy and direct wealth towards the favored ones of the ego-driven interventionists — and let the market process determine if the current system is a viable one or not. Legal tender laws are unnecessary in a divine economy where the medium of exchange is universally recognized simply because of its independence from monetary intervention, along with its other merits.

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