Economic Equilibrium In The Austrian And Divine Economy Theories.

There is less virtue in science when it is static and it is never the desire of the champions of science that their contributions be seen as the final contribution to its advancement. Just like it was before their contributions, science had reached a certain plateau where most of their contemporaries dwelt until the explorer began the trek towards a new summit.

In contrast to the empiricism-dominated economic ‘science’ the Austrian school never accepted the interpretation of equilibrium given by their contemporaries. Actually empirical economists have to use equilibrium to provide a framework so they can apply econometrics. In a sense the whole empirical construction depends on the assumption of equilibrium and it will necessarily crumble into a heap of nonsense if the concept of equilibrium is removed. Sensing its total self-destruction the gate-keepers of empiricism cannot allow query into the subjectivist approach. Right there – the fear of inquiry – demonstrates extremely poor scientific method.

In the Austrian school of thought equilibrium is viewed as a mental construct that never really exists and so it is not needed to make economic analysis. The real condition in the economy is disequilibrium tending towards equilibrium. As succinctly stated by Murray Rothbard “The final equilibrium state is one which the economy is always tending to approach.” These tendencies reflect the actions of humans as subjective beings with uniquely functional human qualities, the effect of which can be understood further by praxeology.

The divine economy theory advances economics further by broadening the ontological foundation that fits into the natural law as it pertains to human beings. Not only are humans physical and intellectual but also spiritual which then has significance with regards to equilibrium. The equilibrium forces that create the tendencies spoken of by Rothbard are not randomly a part of Mother Nature. The equilibrium forces are part of the economy and the reason is because the economy only exists because humans exist and humans are spiritual in addition to physical and intellectual. By ignoring or being unaware of the spiritual nature of human beings the balancing and harmonizing potency of equilibrium is falsely deprived of the inherent motive force since human action is purposeful. In other words, the equilibrium forces are also purposeful, not dissociated from the special station of human beings in the world of creation.

Equilibrium as a force and the appearance of disequilibrium in the economy are fully within the realm of scientific exploration and the realm of advancing comprehension but it does require a dynamic approach to science. Our ability to test validity should make us willing to welcome claims of new discoveries because we can make reasoned judgments, that is, as long as we do not act as if science is something static.

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