Human Action – The Economic Sine Qua Non.

What is essentially human and what is essentially economic? The first part of the question traces back to natural law and from natural law the building blocks of economics were laid.

The closest resemblance to reality, however, along these lines of inquiry took place within the parameters of classical liberalism which combined the science of Aristotlean logic with the ethics of religious faith.

Concurrently what occurred historically was a deviation from apriori logic towards empirical observation and a deviation from apriori ethics towards moral relativism. This alternative view of the human reality and of economics played nicely into the hands of the State as it emerged during the epoch of nation-building (that had gone astray).

The science that fully embraces natural law logically recognizes the subjective nature of humans. This is Aristotlean. The science that embraces the ethics of religious faith essentially recognizes the spiritual nature of humans. This is the modern extension of classical liberalism and is known as the divine economy theory.

There is perfect compatibility and reciprocity and symmetry between human action and the economy and there can be no denying that without humans there is no economy! Humans are unique creatures; subjective and possessing unique physical, intellectual and spiritual features and qualities.

How can all this be summarized? How is human action the economic sine qua non?

Human action is all-powerful. God is All Powerful. We are created in His Image.

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