The Human – “Perpetually Entrepreneurial” – Being!

Of all of the undeveloped aspects of natural law, entrepreneurship in human beings is the most under-appreciated and the most under-correlated to the inherent economic behavior of human beings. For some reason the science of economics is regarded as something that emerged as a discipline rather than as being an essential feature of human action within the matrix of social cooperation. Humans exist and have a unique reality therefore the economy exists!

And so what about the natural law of a human being and how is that related to entrepreneurship?

All of the senses and the potentials of humans are used for perception. The human kingdom is expanded beyond the animal kingdom in ways that make the distinction clear but that does not mean that the greatness of the human kingdom is fully appreciated. Sometimes science hovers around the bare minimum and proudly proclaims that there is a distinction. What if the bare minimum is like the difference between a drop and the vast oceans?

A major deficiency in economic science is the appreciation of the entrepreneurial spirit of human beings. Even those relatively few that have identified the primacy of entrepreneurship are reluctant to fully embrace its natural potency because ‘science’ has taught them that there is a disharmony between science and religion.

How can the full potential of entrepreneurship be appreciated and how can it be correlated to the inherent economic behavior of human beings if the spiritual nature of humans (the physical and intellectual natures are recognized) is ignored? In a nutshell humans are seekers after truth; that is their spiritual nature (some of this can be incorporated as part of the intellect but not all of it).

It is because of this weakness in the understanding of natural law as it pertains to human beings that entrepreneurship is only partially able to be explored scientifically. Hence these are the Dark Ages of economics!

There are three kinds of entrepreneurs and all human beings are at various times and places functioning as one of the them. In other words, the potential of alertness exhibited by human beings is a synonym for the concept of a seeker after truth. Humans are all entrepreneurs because they are the possessors of the entrepreneurial spirit (seekers after truth). They are either unalert or they are alert (and inactive) or they are alert and active.

I will give a few stark examples to make the distinctions clear. 1). A person who is very ill or a person under the influence of a drug may miss opportunities because of a lack of alertness. 2). A person who is without many means but who is alert may discover opportunities but then cannot take action to benefit from the opportunities. 3). A person who may or may not have means but who is alert and discovers opportunities and takes action to use or find the means necessary to take advantage of the opportunities.

How deprived our ‘education’ system is! It ignores the true nature of humans and it ignores the most powerful agent in the world of social cooperation.

It is time to flip the light switch of illumination to dispel the Dark Ages of economics!


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