“What If” . . . The State Is Destructive Of Civilization?

That would be a different viewpoint than the myth propagated by the various arms of the State: the education system, the media, and the voices of ‘authority’. That viewpoint is not in alignment with the propaganda that is transmitted to us via these channels

The State is not a natural part of civilization since it circumvents the natural process of social cooperation. The State is dependent on coercion and without coercive power it would simply and quickly be discarded voluntarily and replaced with the natural processes of social cooperation.

The artificiality of counterfeit fiat currencies that prop up nationalism and imperialism would fade away. The brutality of wars that prop up nationalism and imperialism would come to an end. The scheming of the political class to enrich itself by confiscation and oppression would no longer be tolerated.

Since the divine economy theory proves scientifically that there is no moral authority for interventionism all of the above tools used by the State to maintain itself are without any ethical grounds and can only bring into existence the plethora of injustices that destroy civilization.

If instead of the myth the real nature of the State was made known – that it is the destroyer of civilization – would anyone adhere to this satanic (ego-driven) form of nihilism?

One by one we need to make known the myth of the State before the plague of its destructiveness causes a calamity of unparalleled proportions.


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