Human Subjectivity – Rights And Responsibilities.

Every human being is unique and their experiences are unique which is testimony to their subjective nature. Humans are subjective beings!

Yet at the same time there is a universal structure of logic that is uniquely human. It is a structure constrained by time – the future is unknown – and which makes sense of the world in terms of cause and effect. Experiences are perceived and combined with perceptions remembered from past life experiences and analysis proceeds logically in the context of cause and effect and conclusions are drawn. The logic is always in operation and it leads to a logical conclusion based on the unique subjectively perceived experiences.

This description of the rights of human beings, ultimately, validates the whole process. In one sense – in the sense of rights – everyone deserves this validation.

However there are also responsibilities. Human beings are not only subjective but they are also intelligent and spiritual beings. Part of their nature according to natural law is that human beings are capable of abstract thoughts which enables them to be able to discover truths and laws. The entrepreneurial spirit that is inherent in humans as an alertness is either latent (in potential) or active and manifests itself as the independent investigation of the truth.

Validation of everyone’s conclusions as a right without the exercising of responsibility is the world of moral relativity and it is flawed, and obviously it is irresponsible, and ultimately it is destructive of human civilization.

There is no outside, external force that has any moral authority to make humans act responsibly. It is a matter of whether the entrepreneurial spirit is activated by its surroundings. The best environment for the entrepreneurial spirit is the free flow of knowledge, unimpeded by manmade institutions (one example is rigid traditions). The State is the most vicious of all impediments.

The validation process that is most becoming for human beings is the one where each individual takes responsibility for testing the conclusions derived from their application of logic to their subjective experiences. Testing involves using reason and justice to compare their conclusions with the findings in science and religion.

This is no small responsibility because not only does it require the individual to use the independent investigation of truth upon their conclusions but also upon science and religion. Science and religion are not universally agreed upon and so it is necessary to siphon through these also to find what is true and what is not. Once the truth within science and the truth within religion are found then the conclusions drawn from subjective experiences and logic can be tested and truly validated. This validation is the responsibility of each person. Being a human and fulfilling that great station – being a human – is a process that has unlimited potential, for all intents and purposes!

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