The Free Market Is Like Pure Water!

The empiricists have ruined even the average person’s understanding of economics. The equilibrium power operating in the economy is not some hypothetical end point as the empiricists portray it. The fact is: the economy is always in disequilibrium and yet the equilibrium power is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient; always moving things towards harmony.

To those influenced by the fallacies of the empiricists the free market is some far off ideal, pie in the sky! How convenient to have bamboozled the propagandized in this way; then the State can pretend that its propaganda about the necessity of interventionism is the ‘practical’ way!

In reality all interventionism is a corruption of the economy.

The free market is always in existence, it is just masked in these – the Dark Ages of economics – by all of the blundering and plundering of the interventionists (and it is cumulative over time). Yet the good news is that at any instant if the intervention is stopped the economy will quickly recover.

The free market is like pure water that been polluted with all kinds of sediment and it is constantly being stirred and added to by the ego-driven interventionists. Humanity is growing sicker and sicker as it depends on this polluted economy for its life and livelihood.

But like I mentioned, the instant the stirring stops and the instant the sediment is no longer added the water improves. The sediment separates out and falls to the bottom. With a healthy injection of capital to cleanse out the remaining impurities the water returns to its natural, life-giving quality.

The next time you are conversing with someone who has been indoctrinated by the State about how the economy ‘works’ use this analogy to help them understand that the equilibrium forces will instantly replace any man-made and ego-driven apparatus with a pure substitute (alleviating that fear) and that the free market is ubiquitous and ready to be retored to purity for the benefit of everyone.

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