All Of The Manifestations Of God Freed The People From The State.

Oppression and tyranny emerge in human civilization and become the dominant force during the winter season, only to be knocked back by the appearance of a Springtime in human history. The Prophets of God came and freed the people from the oppressive State-like institutions created by the ego-driven. That is the cycle.

The State-like institutions created by the ego-driven interpreters and the ego-driven interventionists resist the flow of knowledge, extract the wealth of the people, undermine their liberties, and try to institute the false-gods of statism.

It is easy to discern the fact that the grossly unethical actions of the State are obvious and all around us and that must mean that we are living in the Springtime. That is the time when the great potency of newness awakens the latency of winter. The signs of growth – and the discarding of debris – should be a harbinger of joy to everyone, even the slaves of the State-like institutions!

At first growth the dead and decayed stalks are all that are visible but hidden is the universal and new sprouting. A shower here and a shower there, unpredictable exactly where and its duration, combined with the fertility of the desire for freedom by all people and combined with the heat of the rays of knowledge radiating with great intensity, quickly makes it obvious what is happening. The State is obviously obsolete and useless.

These are exciting times!!!

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4 thoughts on “All Of The Manifestations Of God Freed The People From The State.

  1. It deeply saddens me to see religious people purportedly supporting liberty. Religion is precisely an institution designed and applied toward manipulating the public. Its only reason for existence is evil. For that very reason, its best friend has been the state. You need only look at the history of Europe to see that.

    There is nothing divine about liberty, or economics for that matter. Fortunately, it’s based only in reality, not in supernatural nonsense.

  2. Tiffany, All ego-driven interpretation and ego-driven interventionism is detrimental to society whether it is by individuals in the name of religion or individuals in the name of atheism and the only vehicle for these individual errors to go beyond simply subjective choices is to use the State. It is the use of the State to coercively impose the ignorance of a limited mind (or the limited minds of a group) that is the source of injustices of all kinds.

  3. Tiffany, Mao and Lenin and Stalin, at least, were atheists and used the State to kill hundreds of millions of people. So it appears that your prejudice towards religion is evidence of a limited perspective. Sure religion has teamed up with the State to destroy life and liberty but to pretend that atheism is the alternative is contradictory to the “Try reality for a change” advice you give others but forget to practice yourself. The real alternative is to investigate the truth freed from the propaganda of the State and the dogmas of religionists and atheists.

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