Latent Entrepreneurial Spirit vs. Active Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Intriguing.

Entrepreneurship is alertness. Humans are unique in their potential for alertness. Other animals have alertness, limited to certain inherent characteristics, but humans potentially are alert to all things. Of course refinement of that potential is all a part of the advancement of humans; as individuals and an ever-advancing civilization.

Even within the epochal knowledge that is potentially available to humans in today’s world there are impediments to that knowledge. Latency is a good explanation of that impediment. Instead of being alert the emtrepreneurial spirit is simply latent. In this regard it can be easily restated as the absence of the investigation of truth.

In other words, entrepreneurship is not exclusively an economic term. Its synonym is alertness. Humans are essentially endowed with this nature and so they possess what can be described as an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it becomes manifest and to what extent depends on the degree that latent entrepreneurship is transformed into active entrepreneurship (alertness and the independent investigation of truth).

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