The Spirit Of Intellectual Property.

Humans are cabable of abstraction and in contemplation a human can discover something that was apparently invisible to others.

What is this invisible source? First of all it is infinite so we – as finite beings – cannot comprehend it, let alone claim ownership. In effect, those who have discovered something actually have a gift to share with others. To reap a reward for enriching the lives of others is part of the blessing of discovery, but to arrogantly claim that others cannot speed up the process of gifting or that the idea from the invisible source has some finite ownership (namely your own); this is an ego-driven claim and act.

Part of the problem has to do with the symptoms of the disease of materialism. All that is seen is the visible, yet undeniably, the whole possibility of discovery in the first place originated from the invisible! The spirit of the intellect is neglected because of this disease and all the fruits of the spirit of the intellect are made into objects, as if objectification can truly represent what has taken place.

Intellectual property can be reduced to some small fraction of its reality by humans small-mindedly trying to squeeze the infinite into a finite box. Then the box is carried around like a child guarding a bird’s egg found in a meadow.

Or intellectual property can be understood as part of the discovery process: part of the active entrepreneurial spirit inherent in the human reality; thankful to those who discover the gifts; making sure that the gifts are made available to everyone as quickly as possible; and determined to create an environment that activates the latent entrepreneurial spirit throughout human civilization.

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