What Is The Divine Economy Theory?

The core of the divine economy theory is the Divine Economy Model. It is a model built using the subjectivist methodology. It starts off conceptually simple but quickly gains complexity and dynamics. It becomes a lens that focuses our vision and makes it easier to see the economic realities.

The amazing congruence that is inherent in the economy is evident at the microeconomic level in the Divine Microeconomy Model and at the interface with ethics in the Ethics of the Divine Economy Model. In other words, macroeconomics and microeconomics and ethics are all inseparable in reality yet each is distinct enough to lead to a magnified scientific understanding by examining each separately.

The essence of divine economy theory is that the equilibrium power that is the motivating force in the economy is like gravity, and it is like magnetism, and it is a manifestation of the power and bounty of God.

It cannot be thwarted, only distorted temporarily. Economic laws reveal how it works.

What is unique about economic equilibrium is that the economy exists only because humans exist and humans act because they exist. Humans are divine since they are created in the image of God, meaning that they possess, in potential, all of the names and attributes of God. The economy is the expression of human action and human action is the expression of the inherent names and attributes of God.

To conclude this description of the divine economy, here is a summary statement: The economy is a divine institution and the term ‘divine economy’ refers to its equilibriating power.

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