Voluntary Social Cooperation Is Part Of Natural Law.

Civilization advances best when knowledge flows optimally. Of course there is never perfect knowledge nor is there uniformity of understanding of the knowledge, both because of human differences but also because other factors, since humans are not omnipresent or omniscient. That said, when the flow of knowledge is optimal the development of individuals and of society has great potential to be tremendously transforming. I can suggest at this point that it is virtually impossible for us to envision the possibilities. We have a difficult enough time to even envision the beauty of an unhampered market economy.

But when individuals and societies (and therefore civilization) can freely enjoy the bounty of the optimal flow of knowledge the ethics advances too. This combination of higher and higher powers of the investigation of truth combined with ethical maturation will be a great leap forward in the process of discovering laws. I am sure more natural laws will be discovered and these will be understood more intricately but the enigma that is pretty much understood only at an infantile level now – the human spirit, that is, the associated laws of human action and human reality – will be discovered.
These are the laws that will be discovered and voluntarily inculcated by all. Since these laws will be of a universal nature and fully attuned to the spiritual reality of humans, the voluntary social cooperation – to degrees that we cannot yet envision – will be understood as part of natural law.

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