Divine Economy = Unhampered Free Market Economy.

According to the divine economy theory the divine economy is the equivalent of the unhampered free market economy, however, it is also more than that! That is also the reason why my first book is titled MORE THAN LAISSEZ-FAIRE.

The basic difference has to do with the ontological model. The ontological model used in the divine economy theory is slightly, but significantly, different than the classical ontological model. In addition to the mineral and vegetable and animal and human (intellective) categories the divine economy theory includes a fifth category, the category that acknowledges that humans are also spiritual beings.

Once this realm is brought into the scientific exploration some of the assumed boundaries that serve as limitations disappear. As a result the divine economy theory is opening new vistas. It is cutting edge subjectivism, it is cutting edge economics, it is cutting edge ethics, and it is cutting edge classical liberalism, it is cutting edge education.

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