Equilibrium Is An Inherent Part of The Economic Reality.

Equilibrium is a reference point; it is always in operation; and it is unknowable to the human mind and therefore it cannot be directed. Yet it can be anticipated! Those who understand that the economy falls within the broader study of the science of human action (praxeology) have the wisdom to anticipate the corrective forces at play in the equilibrium tendencies.

Equilibrium can be recognized as the powerful force that is at work in the world as part of the functioning of human action. The only moral and rational ‘policy’ or directive is to stop interfering with the equilibrium forces and allow the grace of God to operate – unconstricted by the vain imaginings of humans (especially the so called ‘experts’).

Discovery of praxeological laws are not confined to the specialized field of economics yet there are many who attempt to segregate and objectify economics and thus to examine only one aspect of human thought and action, which is undoubtedly an artificial approach. Sometimes segregating economics is a useful tool, sort of like ceteris paribus, but it never resembles reality and so it cannot be thought of as an improvement over a more holistic analysis.

As evidence, when the equilibrium tendencies are severely disrupted by interventionism not only is the economy severely disrupted but so is ethics and so is justice! If reflectively it helps to mentally take a step back to think about the inevitable tendency of all things towards equilibrium – even if the equilibrium ‘position’ itself is movable – then deducing from that new perspective will show the inseparability between the economy and ethics and justice.

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