Ethics, Rationality, And Subjectivity In An Imperfect World.

There is no pretend world where ethics and rationality and subjectivity can be surgerically separated and treated as separate phenomena and from which can then be gleaned something ‘scientific.’ These are interwoven and cannot be empiricized; but that does not mean that they cannot be studied scientifically or that science cannot advance. The first step is to adopt the scientific methodology that is capable of exploring these without any fictitious assumptions. The methodology of subjectivism allows the realism to remain in tact and uses logic to unravel mysteries.

Ethics is never perfect but it is relative and so it can be good or bad. There is a dynamic interaction of ethics with that of the imperfect world and both affect each other. The ideal environment for the dynamic processes to work together is when information flows in an optimal fashion which can only be achieved in an unhampered market economy.

And so ethics changes over time based on what is happening in the real world. The human minds in the world are focused on perceiving what is going on and figuring out how to respond. This is the rational mind at work.

In an inseparable manner the ethics of each individual is part of the filtering process that is going on during the perception and during the decision-making and this is specific to each individual. This subjectivity plays a role in the rational decisions made, with the outcome being reflected as a whole and becoming manifest as the imperfect world.

In an unhampered market economy social cooperation moves everything towards a higher degree of ethics because rationality is given greater clarity and because subjectivity is at a relatively mature level resulting from the last advancement of ethics. Sure the world is imperfect but each period is an improvement on the last because of the operation of the rational minds and the maturing subjectivity resulting from an advancing ethics.

Of course this is contingent on the flow of information which is optimized in an unhampered market economy. This is the process that necessarily occurs, according to the divine economy theory, if all ego-driven intervention is stopped.

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