Is The Economy Sentient?

The economy is not sentient but it does operate by laws understood and not understood. For example, certain aspects of magnetism are well defined but it is still a mystery in many ways. With regards the economy, the economic law that is ‘defined’ by equilibrium is understood but no one claims to understand it completely. In both cases it may be (I suggest that it is) that these will always be unfolding because we are human and we have finite knowledge and cannot ever completely understand that which is infinite.

And so that which is incomprehensible in totality, or infinite, can just as well be described as divine especially since the creature that is trying to comprehend the creation of the Creator is divine. It is not an unknown concept that human beings are created “in His Image” and are therefore divine. The economy is an institution in the sense that: without the presence of human beings in the world the economy would not exist. Ecology would exist but the economy would not. Humans are part of the ecology because they interact with their surroundings but if there were no humans, yet everything else still existed, the ecological processes would still function. A tree would fall and the change in the microclimate would stimulate more changes. The economy is the process of human actions. Instinctual mutualism that exists in the animal, vegetable or mineral kingdoms are of a lower nature and do not meet the criteria associated with economics.

The two, human beings on the one hand and the economy on the other, are intricately interwoven and inseparable. Both are a reflection of the reality of what a human being is, exactly. And according to the divine economy theory both are divine.

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