The Power Of Love In The Economy.

First it is important to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit in all human beings. It is either active or latent but it alway is there in potential. In the active state it is alertness and searching. What drives this entrepreneurial spirit is the search after truth in whatever form it takes; it could be the truth of a physical law that leads to a better way of doing things, for instance. However it manifests itself, the entrepreneurial search after truth is underlying it. It could be the love of new knowledge, or the love of feeling productive, or the love of making something that benefits others, etc. And so ultimately love reveals the mysteries latent in the universe. This is a microeconomic perspective.

As we know social cooperation is what humans have historically discovered to be the source of prosperity as is obvious from looking at the advancement of civilization resulting from the division of labor. Can there be any doubt that social cooperation is optimized when love exists between human beings; which then easily translates into a prosperous society when the people of that society show love towards one another? In fact, ultimately, love is the establisher of true civilization and it is what brings about the glory of every high-aiming race and nation. This is the macroeconomic perspective.

In these Dark Ages of Economics we see a lingering nationalism which undermines the power of love and causes the economy to be in a condition of disease and weakness.

To those who do not think economics and ethics are inseparable, no one ever has believed that love is not a part of ethics. But if we know what is good for us no one will any longer believe that love is not a part of economics either.

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