Ethical And Economic Social Cooperation.

Social cooperation to achieve the greater good is natural and ethical and the use of capital is extremely vital since it is the most limiting economic factor. There are always plenty of ideas but not enough capital to direct towards accomplishing them. Economics is the study of the best means to attain the ends which is helpful in deciding which ideas are given the capital needed to bring them to fruition.

In an ethical society the civilization is ever-advancing and this is because social cooperation is a source of both justice and unity, but not in some miraculous, instantaneous way. It comes about through the flow of knowledge and the best means for the knowledge of both the material and the ideal to flow is through an unhampered market process. It involves transformation which is also a part of the continual development of ethics over time.

Those who think that ethics is fixed and that their vision is the standard to be upheld simply ignore the dynamic processes that constitute an ever-advancing civilization. There are some certainties though and one is that ethics and economics are inseparable and when this is understood and respected social cooperation will be much more of a reality. Then the latent potentials of humankind will be brought to the surface.

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