Self-Interest: An Unscientific Middle Ground Stance In Economics!

Contemporary economic science is exhibiting the consequences of its own deceitfulness and/or ignorance! Because “economists” pretend that ethics can be and must be dealt with separately, economic science rots at its very core!

To avoid recogniton that humans make decisions subjectively and to avoid the adoption of subjectivism as the correct scientific method for the study of human sciences, economists have devised a middle ground stance and classify humans as making decisions that are in their self interest.

This is middle ground between regarding humans as inherently selfish and simply accepting that humans act subjectively.

You may ask: “What harm is there in this?”

It disregards the human right of individuals to make decisions along the spectrum of ethics even if those decisions are not perfect and it stifles the learning process that is all a part of the unfoldment of ethics in an ever-advancing civilization.

When “economists” classify these decisions as being made in self-interest it opens Pandora’s Box. First of all, the “economists” who fail to honor the subjective nature of human decision-making have their own self-interest in being the “analyst” of self-interest! In their “judgment” it might be “better” and more in line with “self-interest” if decision A were made instead of decision B. In reality these “economists” are really just interventionists not economists!

To accept that human beings have the human right to make decisions subjectively would eliminate the ‘economics profession’ as it now exists because interventionism by those who pretend to know what represents “self-interest” would no longer be acceptable in the scientific field of economics.

Knowledge is unique to each individual and a person at a particular time or place cannot do any better than making decisions subjectively. One thing that is certain is that everyone benefits from social cooperation and so over time all subjective decisions will be modified (learning from earlier decisions). This is the natural process of the execution and the formation and the advancement of ethics.

But contemporary “economics” in these Dark Ages of economics will remain deceitful and/or ignorant until the inseparability of ethics and economics is recognized.

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