There Is A New Advancement In The Divine Economy Theory.

Even though I frequently add comments that are stimulated by issues that come up in the current news and that these sometimes are new perspectives – maybe not thoroughly covered in the divine economy theory book series – these newly discovered advancements are not comprehensive.

The fact of the matter is that I am now in a marketing stage. From 2005 until the summer of 2012 I was dedicated to developing and writing the foundational literature of the divine economy theory. It basically ‘came full circle’ from macroeconomics to microeconomics to ethical economics to economic justice. Of course the science can and will continue to advance but my focus changed towards marketing the products and the theory.

But I encountered several inspiring and informative pieces over the last week and I also re-encountered an inspiring piece which when I encountered it in the past I missed its significance!

When I show you the very potent segment of the quote you probably will not recognize its import since I assume that you have yet to be familiar with the divine economy theory or to be able to deeply comprehend the foundation of the theory:

“. . . the love of God, the axis around which souls revolve in their way and supplication to God.” (Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i World Faith – Abdu’l-Baha Section, p. 363)

Reducing it further; “the love of God, the axis around which” puts it into terms that make it interchangeable with the divine economy theory models. Once that becomes possible then the potency of the models increases exponentially and the thrill of contemplation and meditation on the manifold and resplendid meanings of these potent words begins to bloom.

Initially I thought I could describe the advancement in a blog entry but the most limiting factor is the graphics capability of blogs. I have determined that an adequate description of the advancement will require modifying the narrative of the potency of 44 divine economy theory diagrams.

And so the main purpose of documenting this advancement is to make it known that – should I die before I have a chance to incorporate these advancements into updated editions of my books – there is an incredible new element that makes the divine economy theory even more exciting and applicable to the human action of purposeful spiritual beings.

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