A Quote About Divine Economy Theory – Capital is the Most Limiting Factor.

“Most significantly, of all factors in the economy capital is the most limiting. See if you understand why. Ponder: in the here and now — in the present — we cannot live in the future! That is our limitation. The reason capital is the most limiting is because it is what connects the present and the future in the economy within our limitation. It is constrained by uncertainty yet its variation or structure determines the transformation that takes place in the economy.

Since capital is the most limiting factor, the movement or advancement of civilization depends heavily upon the structure of capital. This necessitates, optimally, that the capital structure needs to be a harmonious expression of the market so that it truthfully reflects the will of the people. In the divine economy fully vested human beings find and share knowledge in the market. Part of that knowledge reflects the importance of time which becomes manifest in capital and its relevant structure.”

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