What is the Best Means?

The science of economics is the study of the means to attain the ends chosen; and the ultimate goal is to find the best means. The best means would be considered the optimal, the highest, and the most efficient of all of the various means.

Now, when science is blind to the human reality and atheistic it is impossible for the best means to ever be found or even fathomed! Those with the mindset of the empiricists or the atheists cannot comprehend the conjunction of science and religion and so one of the fatal flaws of their science is the separation of ethics from economics and from other disciplines. Is there any wonder why the killing of human beings is so prevalent, for example?

But why waste our thoughts on such barbarism?

Instead it is our wish to find the best means. The concept of means and ends being in harmony with the human reality necessitates an understanding of the divine nature of humans and of the institutions reflecting human actions.

The groundwork is now laid for the introduction of the best means: Love of God is the best means since all other means are limited whereas the love of God is infinite and everlasting. Social cooperation of the highest degree occurs (functioning as a means) when there is the love of God present and the highest degree of social cooperation occurs (as the ends) when the love of God is present.

The last paragraph requires thoughtful consideration and an understanding of the difference between means and ends. It also requires thoughtful consideration of the meaning of the love of God (freed from prejudices associated with religious strife).

Now go to this list of practical ethics applicable to this period of maturity in the life of the human world and contemplate how the love of God (afterall, it is the best means) can facilitate the attainment of these ethical values.

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