Hermeneutical Ego-Driven Interpretation!

Austrian Economics / Divine Economy Theory Interface!

How bizarre is the distortion caused by the perverse condition of being ego-driven!

To put things into perspective consider the unleashing of the ego that hermeneutics does. It take the reigns of truth and logic and justice and gives them to an unfettered self for whatever indulgence it pleases and says “anything goes.” It pretends to honor the subjectiveness of humans – not by recognizing the methodology of subjectivism, but by perverting the concept of liberty to mean nihilism, relativism, and solipsism.

Now imagine this ‘anything goes’ mentality being applied to any discipline. It it the antithesis of discipline, and therefore it is the destroyer of whatever discipline to which it is applied.

Both Austrian economics and the divine economy theory recognize the subjective nature of human beings and the need for the application of the subjective methodology to advance the study of human sciences. Protecting science from the ego-driven and perverted hermeneuticians is an important aspect of the advancement of economics and therefore the advancement of civilization.

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